Meet The Band

Learn more about the musicians that make up Your Second Favorite Band.

Guitar / Vocals

Shane Eldridge

Shane, originally from the small town of Crab Orchard, Kentucky, has had an eclectic taste in music from an early age. Listening to traditional country with his mother to southern/classic rock with his brothers and sisters, he knew that music would always be a staple in his life. Starting his first band in the early 90’s, Desert Wind developed a great sound and following playing many clubs, bars, and festivals. He then moved on to Rebel Heart, who played as a house band in Winchester and Lexington, and then to Flying Blynd Band in 2001. Joining up in 2017 with the members of Y2ndFB has been a wonderful experience being able to incorporate a variety of music styles into one cohesive sound.


Eric Bentley

Eric first picked up a bass on stage one night around 1989 with his first band, Reach and Frequency. Up until that night, he had been serving his brief stint as rhythm guitarist for the group. Soon after that fateful gig he purchased his first bass rig and was settling in as the band’s bassist. Over the years, he played around Louisville with the jam based band Medicine Dog, a couple of incarnations of Leaving London with YSFB’s Jason Meredith, Wedding Tackle (also with Meredith), and 80’s cover band The M80’s. The prospect of YSFB’s acoustic/electric format was intriguing to Eric as well as the diverse range of material the group was poised to perform, allowing him to exercise in the many types of styles he draws influence from and stretch out musically. not to mention the fact they are "swell dudes"

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Lorn Fountain

Bio coming soon... yeah, right!

Cajon / Guitar / Vocals

Jason Meredith

Jason got his first drum set at age 5, it was only a toy Muppets kit, but Animal, the drummer on the Muppets show, was enough to push him over the percussion edge. Fortunately for YSFB, Jason is much calmer. At age 16 Jason got a few simple drum lessons from a high school friend and from there they formed the garage band, Pass Tense... and they were terrible. And they couldn’t spell.

Fast forward 30 years and Jason has been fortunate to have played with a lot of talented musicians over the decades. From 1999 to 2001 Jason played with the hard rock band, Your Disease, out of Washington DC. Between 2003 and 2005 Jason played with various bands for short runs including 10 Minus 3, Double Back, and Pope Lick Swills. In 2006 Jason began playing with various musicians in a band that would ultimately evolve into Leaving London. He still plays drum for them today along with a few other members of YSFB.

In January of 2017 Jason handpicked 3 talented and great guys to form Your Second Favorite Band. His vision was a laid back, acoustic-ish hybrid band that would play a diverse setlist with great harmonies. This band exceeded his expectations in many ways: from the willingness to play such a wide range of songs to the friendships they have formed. Jason looks forward to many years playing with these guys.